Tuesday, 07 April, 2020

The Romanian Government has fallen! PSD lost the power

Romanian Government has fallen The Romanian Parliament palace building 1

The Romanian Government has fallen, after the censorship motion proposed by the Opposition passed with 238 votes “yes”. 

The censorship motion “In order to rebuild Romania, the Dancila Government must be urgently dismissed!” it was signed by 237 parliamentarians from PNL, USR, PMP, Pro Romania, ALDE, UDMR, national minorities, but also two from PSD. In order to be adopted by Parliament, the motion of censure must have 233 favorable votes.

Before the vote, Viorica Dancila reproached USR and Opposition MPs saying that they don’t really want early elections.

“You said you wanted early elections. Dear colleagues, vote on the motion, vote on early elections? Let me hear you! Do you agree with the early elections? I do not think so!. And I would like you to come here with a proposal for early elections and the Romanians will look at how many of you who today say “yes” will vote for the early elections,” the PM said in the final intervention in the motion debates.

The former partner in the Government, ALDE President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu told the Prime Minister that “there is life after Viorica Dancila will no longer be prime minister”.

“Dear Viorica, I had no intention of speaking today, when debating the motion, for one simple reason: we have been partners for two and a half years. You gave a speech in which you attacked me in a non-elegant way. I was expecting something else from a person who spent nine years in Brussels. Political science says that a prime minister worthy of this position refers to themes, not to people,” said Tariceanu.

The Romanian Government has fallen! Protests before Parliament

Meanwhile, in front of Parliament, several people are protesting during the debate on the censorship motion.

The protesters have flags of Romania and the European Union, as well as two banners with the messages: “I insist for the rule of law” and “Depoliticize the state institutions” or “The nation supports the motion”.

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