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Stress at work in Romania: two out of three employees bearly handle it

Stress at work in Romania

One in two Romanian employees believes that the stress level in the current workplace is high, and 15.4 percent say that it is even unsustainable, shows the results of a survey conducted by the online recruitment platform BestJobs.

For others 27 percent stress is moderate, while only 7.7 percent say it is low or missing.

The disorganized and chaotic work environment, overloading and receiving responsibilities that leave their area of ​​competence are the three main stressors mentioned by half of the employees.

Four out of ten employees are stressed because they have to take over the responsibilities of their colleagues, and 37 percent are stressed by poor communication between managers and team.

Three out of ten say that they wait too long for superiors to make certain decisions and that there is no teamwork, each employee being on his own.

Stress at work in Romania. Nobody gets rid of it

Other stressors for two out of ten respondents are that they have hard-to-reach goals, receive unrealistic deadlines, or that they are not given all the information they need to do their job. E-mails or SMS received from superiors outside working hours also contribute to the high degree of stress of the employees.

“Unfortunately, almost eight out of ten respondents said that the stress level has increased in the last three years, and for more than half of them, it has even doubled. If for 43.4 percent of the respondents the level of stress is only high during certain periods of the year, four out of ten say that it is the same throughout the year, and 8.8 percent – only near deadlines. In these conditions, two out of ten respondents say that they have already reached burnout, three out of ten believe that within half a year they will be exhausted if the stress level remains at the same level, and 15 percent estimate that they will run out in no more than a year,” say BestJobs.

Stress from work released on family and friends

Throughout their career, six out of ten respondents said they were looking for another less stressful job, given that 46 percent of employees said they had insomnia due to job stress, and a quarter – that have had serious health problems under stress.

Also, 37 percent of the respondents admit that they have relieved their accumulated stress at work on family or friends, while 28 percent admitted that they lost their job. Very few employees – less than 5 percent – went to the counseling of a psychologist or made official complaints to the HR department. Many did nothing, admitting that they simply got used to the stress of the job.

Most employees who responded to the BestJobs survey (54 percent) say that the company does nothing to reduce stress at work, and 42 percent are not sure that the employer is doing anything about it.

At the same time, employees already know what solutions will help them reduce stress at the office. Most respondents (52 percent) are of the opinion that managers need to communicate better with their employees, and almost all (49 percent) believe that companies need to hire more people.

In addition, 32 percent need an employer to provide them with a more relaxed working environment, and 30 percent would like to increase their pay. At the same time, almost a quarter considers that the stress level would decrease if the employer offered them a balance between work and personal life, and about 13 percent would like them to introduce the possibility of working and at home, or to offer more. free days than legal days.

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