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One in three Romanians worry about how their travel plans will proceed

One in three Romanians worry about how their travel plans will proceed

One in three Romanians worry about how their travel plans will proceed. Germans stress the least (13 percent of respondents) and Americans have the most doubts (41 percent of study participants), according to momondo.ro.

Planning a vacation brings a lot of enthusiasm, but it seems that for many travelers it disappears or comes with a set of worries about things that might not happen in line with expectations.

One reason that puts our country at the top of the ranking is the accuracy of reservations: 41 percent of Romanians ask during a trip if they made all the reservations correctly. The respondents from Sweden (40 percent) were very close to us, and at the opposite pole were participants from Germany (24 percent). This reason is becoming more and more worrying as the age of the interviewees increases, reaching up to 52 percent of those between 56 and 65 years of age.

The most common travel planning mistakes and tips to avoid them

1. Wrong entry of travel data

Many travelers make mistakes when booking flights or accommodation by entering another calendar month. The most common errors are selecting June instead of July (or vice versa) or entering the number corresponding to the month: the 6th month instead of the 7th (or vice versa). We recommend multiple checking of the selected data, or even re-checking by another person before making the payment, as the subsequent change of travel data for a low-cost flight may be more expensive than purchasing a new ticket.

2. Wrong/incomplete introduction of contact details

Timetable changes are common especially for air travel, and they are usually sent by SMS/email to all passengers. Incorrectly entering contact details can prevent information from being canceled or rescheduled, which will affect your entire vacation. In addition to re-checking the entered data, a preventive measure may be to check the previous flight of an aircraft, because if there were delays in previous flight segments, they are likely to impact the following flights. You can check this on airline monitoring sites (an example is Flight Radar).

3. Wrong introduction of flight segments.

Particularly in the case of separately purchased stopover tickets, there is frequent confusion of flight segments by incorrectly selecting the departure or destination cities (can be selected in reverse order) or selecting the wrong flight data when a flight segment occurs during midnight. Some travelers may skip this and purchase the flight ticket for a different date than necessary (either the next day or the previous day). Again, it is advisable to re-check flight dates and times to avoid inconvenience.

4. Not using a flight segment.

In the case of non-use of a flight segment, most companies consider not using the entire chain of passengers that would follow that segment, so there is the possibility of reselling those places. For example, a Bucharest – Amsterdam – Bangkok flight for which the Bucharest – Amsterdam segment was not used will have the possibility of the traveler not appearing in the Amsterdam – Bangkok segment. Of course, the company will find a solution to compensate for this in case of registration for the second flight segment, but these solutions may also include rescheduling the respective flight, so it is advisable to signal the continuation of the trip in this case, to avoid reorganizing the trips.

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