Tuesday, 07 April, 2020

Over 280,600 Romanians registered for the new status in the UK

romanians post-brexit status

Over 280,600 Romanians had already registered to obtain the new status (pre-settled and settled status), by the end of September, in the United Kingdom (UK), according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

Figures released by the British side, based on official estimates of the number of citizens of the EU Member States who live, work and study in the UK, show that around 64 percent of Romanian citizens have applied for registration under the EUSS scheme, being the second most numerous community of European citizens who submitted such requests.

“Since the beginning of the Brexit process, the main priority assumed by the Romanian Government has been to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Romanian citizens living, working or studying in the United Kingdom. In this regard, firm assurances have been obtained from the British Government and there are still a common understanding on the need to safeguard the status of European citizens in the UK under any circumstances, including in the event of withdrawal without agreement,” the MAE statement said.

Romanians have to register for the new status in UK

MAE representatives specifies that the Romanian Executive maintains a permanent dialogue with both the British authorities, as well as with the European institutions and the Member States, in order to ensure the most comprehensive monitoring of the implementation of the commitments assumed regarding the rights of citizens.

The objective of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the next period is to intensify the information campaign addressed to the Romanian citizens in the United Kingdom, in order to support their registration process, in order to continue to benefit from the acquired rights.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages all Romanian citizens who wish to remain in the United Kingdom and after the date of withdrawal of this state from the EU to register as soon as possible and to call on the support of the Romanian Embassy in London and the General Consulates of Romania in Manchester and Edinburgh for further assistance.

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