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Romania news: Every party wants something, but not for Romanian citizens

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Romania news: Following the fall of the Romanian Government that took place yesterday, with a motion of no confidence, today, the main political parties went for a first round of consultations with the Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis.

News from Romania are not good at all for its citizens, because every party that stepped in Cotroceni Palace had something to ask, but none of them wanted something for the Romanians.

In this Romanian political fiasco the bills are pilling up and the ones who will pay them are the 20 million citizens who live here.

Romania news: The president is in favor of early elections

President Klaus Iohannis is in favor of early elections, but only after the Romanian presidential elections which will be held in November, which would lead to early parlamentary elections somewhere in March 2020, at the earliest.

“I personally am in favor of the early elections, but after the presidential elections. I want to explain a little why I make this remark. Romania’s constitution does not favor early elections. They are made very difficult and only with the concrete agreement and support of a majority. I am willing to involve myself, after the presidential elections, in a seated, honest discussion with all the political parties, in order to find the best solution,” said the head of state.

The president mentioned that if two successive proposals would fall in the Parliament, the current Romanian Government, headed by Viorica Dancila, would remain in office.

According to him, a transitional government is needed, adding that he prefers a political one, a context in which the possibility of establishing a cabinet around PNL is outlined. “PSD confirmed that it did not understand anything about the political evolution and the desire of the Romanians. Now, a new government, one we called a transitional government, is urgently needed, because whether or not we will have early or late elections will be a government that will be in office for a relatively short period. Any day with this pessimistic interim government is a lost day for Romania and for Romanians. PNL has made it very clear that he is willing to take over the government. All the other groups have stated that they will support in one way or another such an approach. So from now on it is quite clear that we are heading towards a PNL government or around PNL,” President Iohannis said at the end of the consultation with political parties

PSD did not come to consultations but raised claims

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, although she did not send any PSD representative to the consultations with the President of Romania, asked him to appoint as soon as possible a prime minister, who would appear before Parliament with a Cabinet of Ministers and a government program.

“PSD will continue the fight and will fight every day so that this austerity alliance, which has put in motion the censorship motion, will not end up doing to Romania the harm it is capable of. It is our duty to limit the devastating effects of the chaos in which Klaus Iohannis threw the country leaving it without a vision, without a government program. I am a responsible politician, I wish stability and well for both the people and the country. I wish this period of political instability to end as soon as possible, for that this blockade generated by President Iohannis is taking too long and is affecting Romania, so I ask the President to carry out his duties and appoint as soon as possible a prime minister, who will appear before the Parliament with a Cabinet of Ministers and a government program,” said Viorica Dancila, at ​​the beginning of the Government meeting.

Moreover, the prime minister is preoccupied, along with other PSD members to spread the lies that whoever comes to government after PSD will cut pensions and salaries.

“I ask PNL and President Iohannis to assume publicly that pensions and salaries will be paid on time and, in the same measure, increased according to the legislation in force. Romanians deserve decent and fair incomes after a lifetime of work,” said Viorica Dancila.

Liberals concerned about the new Government and PSD lies

PNL is ready to take over the government if it will not be possible to organize early elections, a government run by no one else but the president of the party, Ludovic Orban

“I presented to the Romanian president the PNL position in the constitutional consultations that were triggered after the fall of the PSD Government. The position of PNL is very clear, if there is the possibility of an agreement in view of the anticipated elections. If this is not possible and if the President of Romania asks us to form the government, the National Liberal Party is ready to assume the responsibility of the government and to form a government around the National Liberal Party,” said Orban.

Moreover, Orban said that rumors that PNL will cut pensions and salaries are lies launched by PSD propaganda.

“President Iohannis promulgated the Pensions Law, it is a law in force, and PNL respects the laws in force. Regarding all the lies that the PSD propaganda has launched that we do not give up salaries, that we reduce salaries, that we reduce pensions, that we do not pay the projects on PNDL, they are just lies. Our main objective is to increase the incomes of Romanians, but this increase will be based on realities and not on subjective decisions. Oud decisions will be based on attracting investments that create well-paid jobs, on increasing the competitiveness of the Romanian economy,” said Orban, after consultations with the chief of the state.

USR wants early elections

According to the president of the USR, Dan Barna, his party submitted the Pact for the organization of early elections.

“We have submitted during the discussions the Pact for anticipated elections, which USR has proposed for more than a month. The president has been in our agreement somehow, that the early elections are indeed the correct, moral and functional solution for Romania, and also discussed the need for a new Government. The Dancila Government was dismissed by the Parliament and, from this point of view, Romania is clearly in need of a new Government,” Barna said, at the Cotroceni Palace.

The USR leader appreciated that by early elections it can be solved the political crisis, and so, that after the election a stable government, supported by parliament, will be formed. He reiterated that  USR will support a non-PSD Government, which aims to organize early elections, given that it will also have priorities such as:

  • organizing local elections in two rounds,
  • implementing the initiative “No convicted persons in public functions “,
  • repairing the effects of Ordinance 114,
  • correcting the laws of justice.

Romania News: PMP wants a PM from their own party

The president of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Eugen Tomac, proposed to the head of state Klaus Iohannis to consider the appointment of a PMP prime minister.

“We are aware of all the sensitivities that exist in the political parties of the Opposition, especially among the parties that have made constant opposition from 2016 to the present. And, in order to harmonize all the sensitivities, I proposed to the President to consider the appointment of a Prime Minister of the People’s Movement Party,” said Tomac.

From the PMP’s point of view, it is essential that the future Government support the organization of local elections in two rounds and to set up a ministry for the relationship with the Republic of Moldova.

“It is very important for us that the future parliamentary majority that will invest a new government will also assume the adoption of the law that is in the Parliament on reducing the number of representatives to 300,” said Eugen Tomac.

On the other hand, he wasn’t confident about the possibility of holding early elections.

“We are not afraid of early elections, but we are aware that it is just an attempt to deceive the electorate. We are not afraid, we have recently validated at the European Parliament elections where we obtained a score of almost 6%, we have a very good candidate for the presidential elections in the person of Mr. Theodor Paleologu, but we believe that in Romania no early elections will be organized,” he said el.

Hungarians from Romania want a PM from UDMR,

but they also could support an independent one

The first option of the Hungarian Democratic Union in Romania (UDMR) is to form a Government around a prime minister of the party, the second being an independent prime minister, said the president of the UDMR, Kelemen Hunor.

” We don’t want to make a nomination until we see what President Iohannis believes in. The second option – an independent, not technocrat, independent prime minister, from the fiscal, banking, financial area, which will have a political Government to support, supported by the parties. from the Opposition or the parties that voted and the censorship motion, which does not make excesses, but takes care of the budget, taxation, revenues, expenses and manages the country until December next year. The last reserve solution is a Government led by PNL President Ludovic Orban, but I understood that there is no need for us anymore, because the PSD has announced that if Ludovic Orban promises not to cut wages and pensions, they will support it,” said Kelemen Hunor.

UDMR doesn’t believe in an early elections option for a single reason. Anticipated elections would mean an interim Government until March, April, possibly May, and this would mean that the Parliament would be dissolved after December. This will by a big mistake because it would mean that no budget will be made and we will have no budget until next year.

“To throw the country in such a political, financial crisis means that you are mad, it means that you do not see the risks of entering the 2020 election year without a budget approved in Parliament. But, of course, if everyone comes to the conclusion that we must now have early elections, then we are prepared, but we do not support them just because of this, that you cannot leave the country without a budget until next year,” said Kelemen Hunor.

ALDE has helped to tear down the Government,

but remains in the Opposition

ALDE does not intend to be part of a future government formula, said party president Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

“This government should be taken over by liberals, which initiated the censorship motion and should also give the prime minister. And then, following the official appointment by the President of Romania for the PM position, to hold discussions, negotiations, with all the parliamentary parties, to obtain a support in the Parliament. We have clearly told the President that we will support such a formula. It seems to me that such a formula is more appropriate in a PNL-based composition. We do not intend to be part of a future governance formula,” said Tariceanu.

Pro Romania will step aside

The party of Victor Ponta, who played a decisive role in the fall of the Romanian Government, does not want to get involved in the new government. Pro Romania first Vice-President Daniel Constantin says that the political party is in favor of the idea of ​​early elections.

“From our point of view, early elections can not be organized earlier than May, June when we have local elections. On the other hand, from from a governmental point of view, we certainly did not submit a proposal to President Iohannis. We are realistic and have expressed our willingness to contribute, through our votes, which we have, more and more, for the political stability of the country.” said Daniel Constantin, who represented at the Cotroceni consultations the PRO Europa parliamentary group.

For Romania there will be an extremely difficult period, in which the budget for 2019 must be closed and the budget for 2020 must be built and in this regard they underlined that a nomination by the prime minister must be made as soon as possible.

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