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ROCA X, the Romanian initiative that will finance your business

roca x finance business

ROCA X is a Romanian initiative, a technology investment fund, in search of disruptive businesses at the beginning of the road that aims to be a regional player, with access to European technology companies.

Fund’s ambition is to create a bridge between the tech companies, the human resources needed for their development, the private and institutional investors and the worldwide markets, with an extremely fast way of making investment decisions.

The technology investment fund is an intelligent tool, whose target audience are young entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas in the technology area, in the MVP or prototype stage, with the vision of having an impact on society and with the passion to turn this desire into reality.

This Romanian initiative does not operate exclusively in a certain niche but actively monitors both the evolution of some areas of the tech market: blockchain, AI, fintech, as well as new trends in technology, derived from the new dimensions of the development of society and humanity.

Roca X is already financing some businesses

After evaluating more than 150 start-ups in just a few months, ROCA X already has five investments worth EUR 600,000. The businesses included in the ROCA X portfolio at the moment are:

  • Feeel – European digital platform that centralizes access to health services,
  • Beez – a cashback solution,
  • Feexers – a marketplace for household & beauty services,
  • Betmarkets – a solution that turns sports bets into tools investment
  • PatchAI, virtual assistant for patients involved in clinical trials.

“ROCA X aims to identify fresh ideas from the European market, with a focus on technology businesses, whose potential is evaluated and validated by the team of specialists behind the initiative. ROCA X works as a gadget that converts the team’s know-how and expertise into resources geared towards accelerating the evolution of innovative business. My belief is that today we are at the point where all successful businesses need important technology components. We aim to identify the value of the entrepreneurs who dare to believe that the future belongs to them and offer them management knowledge to model themselves this future,” said Andrei Cionca, the initiator of the project and the chairman of the ROCA X supervisory Board.

Currently, in the pipe line ROCA X there are almost 20 companies, which are in various stages of analysis: fintech, proptech, bigdata & AI companies as well as start-ups in the medical and green energy fields. These quick placements prove the acute need for such a flexible and fast financial instrument.

While traditional sources of funding rely solely on metrics and indicators of success to maximize return on investment, ROCA X also takes into account growth potential, by adhering to the standard criteria with a bold financial vision.

In a European and local landscape where the need for financing is growing, ROCA X chooses to mainly operate in the first stages of financing (of the Seed type and Series A funding), this being the least covered area of ​​investment options.

Therefore, in addition to the capital initially placed by ROCA X, the companies in the portfolio will also require further financing rounds to ensure the desired accelerated growth. As a partner involved, ROCA X wants to be part of the growth process of these start-ups.

The founding shareholders of ROCA X are exclusively Romanian individuals and companies, who are majority in the first investment in the technological field, who understood that the future in business is undoubtedly related to the evolution of technology. They put together for the beginning of this initiative EUR 2.7 million.

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