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The period of political instability in Romania begins

political instability in Romania romanian parliament

Today’s motion of no confidence will be the beginning of a political instability in Romania, warned the former president, Traian Basescu.

“Together with PNL and PMP, USR, as well as the parties led by Victor Ponta, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Kelemen Hunor, together with their great amateurs of government bargains, they will vote the censorship motion insistently requested by the President Johannis. What will be the vote on the motion on today? A fall of the government is the most predictible scenario. Ludovic Orban and Klaus Iohannis will congratulate each other, believing that they are the winners of the political match,” says Basescu.

In reality, the big winner will be Victor Ponta, who did not aim to set up a liberal government but only to tear down the Dancila government in order to open the gates of negotiation for the control of PSD.

“President Iohannis will call the parties for consultations, but his obligation is to know the name of the future prime minister at this time. And if anyone thinks that President Iohannis has Ludovic Orban in mind, he is wrong. Orban has to wait his turn, because before him he would be Catalin Predoiu… During the consultations he will have to find the appointed prime minister and a parliamentary majority, which seems difficult. Ponta will play the game with PSD and will try to coagulate a majority based on PSD, PRO Romania, ALDE and to which UDMR and counterpart will join. There are many scenarios,” said the former president.

According to him, the conclusion after today’s motion of no confidence is:

  • The government falls;
  • Ponta comes out strengthened by this motion and with the allure of leader of the left;
  • Ludovic Orban will not be appointed prime minister;
  • The first government does not pass the vote of the Parliament;
  • The second government will never be put to the vote because Parliament will not schedule it;
  • The Constitutional conditions for triggering the early elections will not be fulfilled;
  • Viorica Dancila remains interim PM until after the presidential elections.

“For PNL to lose its strenght now, all it has to do is to make a governing alliance with Victor Ponta, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Kelemen Hunor. Who loses and who wins politically from this democratic exercise?” asked Traian Basescu.

The new political instability in Romania begins

with the motion of no confidence

The censorship motion against the Romanian Government will be debated and voted on in Parliament on Thursday.

The motion, entitled “In order to rebuild Romania, the Dancila Government must be urgently dismissed!”, has 237 signatures from PNL, USR, PMP, PRO Romania, ALDE, UDMR, national minorities representatives, but also two from PSD, according to the leader Liberals, Ludovic Orban.

“Ladies and gentlemen, senators and deputies, do a good thing for Romania and Romanians and vote to dismiss the most harmful government the country has had in the last 30 years. Dismiss the PSD Government by your vote and thus save what can be saved from the Romanian economy, from the education system, from the health system, from the Romanian state institutions. Any day with this PSD Government in power means missed opportunities for Romania, underdevelopment and deepening macroeconomic problems. The dismissal of the Dancila Government is an essential condition for Romania’s entry into normality. This motion gives us the chance to rebuild Romania from the ground up. (…) Your vote for the censorship motion is an essential vote to restore the hope of Romanians everywhere that Romania can return to the long-awaited normality. Immediately after the dismissal of the PSD Government, the opposition will propose the best government solution for Romanians and for Romania. This will obviously be, as the Constitution tells us, the result of consultations between the President of Romania and the parliamentary political parties. We can now anticipate that the beneficial solution for Romania means a supple European government, with 15 ministries, made up of a team of competent people, who have demonstrated professionalism, integrity and responsibility throughout their careers,” the censorship motion text shows.

According to the Opposition, the solution after the dismissal of the PSD Government also means the adoption of a responsible governance program, oriented to the development and modernization of the country and to the real prosperity of each Romanian.

PNL says that we will be able to put Romania back on its natural path:

  • through major public investments,
  • through the use of European funds,
  • through solid economic growth based on production and exports,
  • through the highest quality public services.

The document shows that the Government no longer has a parliamentary majority and no longer has the political legitimacy to govern the country. 233 votes are required for the censorship motion to be adopted by Parliament.

According to the parliamentary configuration, the groups that support the motion have:

  • PNL – 95 members,
  • USR – 40 members,
  • UDMR – 30 members,
  • PMP – 12 members,
  • PRO Europa – 41 members.
  • 19 non-affiliated senators, coming from ALDE and PRO Romania,
  • Part of the 17 deputies of national minorities.

On the other hand, the PSD groups, which support the Government, have 202 members, plus at least six non-affiliated deputies, who were excluded from ALDE after accepting nominations for positions in the Government or wishing to remain with the Social Democrats.

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